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Q: What is a patch test and why do you do this test?

A: A patch test is exactly what its' name suggests, a tiny portion or patch of a product is placed onto your skin to test for an allergic reaction. If you tend to be sensitive to any products at all it is advisable to get your hairdresser to perform a patch test 48 hours before you have a colour. The test is performed using a small portion of the product, which is dotted onto the skin behind the ear or crease of your arm. If you are allergic the reaction generally takes place almost immediately. The area would feel itchy and would redden, even swell a little. If any or all of these symptoms are experienced it would not be possible to use that product on your skin. Any sign of reaction to the chemicals intended for use means that you should NOT proceed with the service. Even a tiny reaction could be dramatically intensified when you increase the amount of exposure and the length of exposure to the levels needed by most of the chemical services. It is possible to suddenly become allergic to a substance (during times of stress or pregnancy) or for your allergy to disappear, Note: colour applied directly to the scalp does itch a little, especially, if your hair has been freshly shampooed. It should not, however, feel like it is burning or that the itching is so intense you can't stand it. A reaction can be very severe and should not be dismissed. Hairdressers are trained to remove the product causing the problem immediately. You should then visit your doctor who will be able to prescribe an antihistamine to prevent it getting any worse and suggest further action if needed.

Q: What brand of products do you use?

A: Hair@22 is delighted to be in partnership with Goldwell and KMS. For over 60 years GOLDWELL has been established as an exclusive partner to professional hairdressers. Salons in more than 40 countries all over the world benefit from Goldwell's experience, their know-how, their passion for colour as well as their intelligent products and innovative technologies that deliver optimum results coupled with the best possible care for the hair.

Q: How do I tell you I am not happy with my service?

A: We are sorry you were not completely satisfied with the service you received from Hair@22. We want you to tell us why you are unhappy and how we could improve things to stop this from happening again. Please contact the salon via telephone on 01823 335155 and ask to speak to a salon owner. It may not be possible to be connected straight away however, please leave your name and contact details and a brief message with Rhoda at reception who will liaise etc. with the salon owners between clients and get back to you as soon as possible to rectify the problem.